Abacus professionals are active participants in public forums, industry conferences, and trade events. The following are sample articles, interviews, and presentations of our staff.
Optimizing Trading: Dynamic Hedging
March 2019
Data Mining and Analytics: Market Curves
October 2016
Trading and Hedging: An Interactive Wargame
June 2013
Optimizing Fuel Purchase & Allocation Decisions
May 2012
Modern Commodity Trading & Risk Management
April 2011
Modern Energy Trading & Risk Management
March 2011
Impacts of Dodd-Frank Act on Energy Trading & Risk Management
December 2010
Real Time Portfolio Management
April 2010
Integrated Enterprise Risk Management (IERM)
April 2009, March 2010
Market Simulation
April 2009
Recent Articles, Interviews, and Reviews
Integrating Generation, Trading and Risk Management
Energy Metro Desk, 2010
Game Changer: Full-Simulation Real-Time Portfolio Management
Commodities Now, 2010
Interview with Salim Jabbour
CommodityAlert, 2010
Integrated Energy Risk Management (Series of 15 Articles)
Energy Metro Desk, 2009
Why ETRM Will Prove Its Worth in 2009
The Desk, Annual End of Year Issue, 2008
SATURN ETRM: New Platform Alert (Review)
The Desk, 2008
Reaching For the Stars (Interview)
Energy Risk System Frontrunner, 2008
Abacus Solutions Prepares to Roll Out SATURN (Review)
UtiliPoint International Issue Alert, 2006
Buyer Beware
Energy Risk, 2005
Asset Management Opportunities
Pipeline and Gas Technology, 2004
Portfolio Risk and Yield Management: Challenges & Opportunities
Platts Insight, 2004
Asset Management: Turning Challenges into Opportunities
Hart Energy Markets, 2004
Focus on Balance (Interview)
New Power Executive, 2003
Meeting Critical Business Requirements
Energy Risk International, Year Book, 2002
Retrenched and Happy (Interview)
Energy Boardroom, Annual End of Year Issue, 2002
Other Publications
Integrated Energy Risk Management (IERM)
Assessment of Solar Energy Use in Qatar
Published book (Middle East Economic Consultants)
Decision Analysis and Risk Management
Managing Judgment Traps
Executive Training Program
For additional information or to request other publications, please contact us at info@abacussolutionsinc.com
Conference Presentations
North American Energy Marketers Association
Nashville, Tennessee, 2019
Sand Hill Angels Annual Meeting
Palo Alto, California, 2015
Mid C Conference
Wenatchee, Washington, 2013
Resource Planning Association Conference
La Crosse, Wisconsin, 2012
WSPP Spring Meeting
Carlsbad, California, 2012
Coal-Gen Conference & Exhibition
Columbus, Ohio, 2011
Mid-Continent Energy Marketers Association Conference
New Orleans, Louisiana, 2010
Committee of Chief Risk Officers Energy Risk Priorities Summit
Woodlands, Texas, 2010
Integrated Energy Risk Management (IERM)
Toronto, Canada, 2009
Energy Trading, Transaction and Risk Management (ETRM)
Houston, Texas, 2008
Energy Risk USA
Houston, Texas, 2004
INFOCAST 11th Power Industry Forum
Washington, DC, 2004
Energy Risk Europe
London, UK, 2004
European Platform for Energy Trading, Emart Energy
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2003
ChemSystems Annual European Conference
London, UK, 2003
Asset Management and Portfolio Optimization
Chicago, Illinois, 2003
Hart's Energy Markets Profits and Risks
Houston, Texas, 2003
INFOCAST 10th Power Industry Forum
Washington, DC, 2003
INFOCAST Plant Acquisition and Redevelopment Conference
Chicago, Illinois, 1999
INFOCAST Market Price Forecasting Conference
Chicago, Illinois, 1999
US Department of Energy Program Review Meeting
Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1992
Edison Electric Institute Meeting
Chicago, Illinois, 1991
EPRI's Clean Air Response Workshop
Missouri and Washington, DC, 1990
Fossil Plant Cycling Conference
Washington, DC 1990
Applications of Power Production Simulation Conference
Washington, DC 1990
Decision Support Methods for the Electric Power Industry
Boston, Massachusetts, 1990
Instrumentation and Control Workshop
New Orleans, Louisiana, 1990
Power Plant Controls and Automation
Miami, Florida, 1989
American Gas Association Advanced Cogeneration
Houston, Texas, 1988
Fossil Plant Cycling Seminar
Princeton, New Jersey, 1987
Conference on Production Simulation
Chattanooga, Tennessee, 1985
IEEE/PES Summer Meeting
Vancouver, Canada, 1985
Intersociety Energy Commission Engineering Conference
San Francisco, California, 1984
Conferences on Principles and Applications of Solar Energy
Beirut, Lebanon, 1980
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